Friday, May 14, 2010

Chinook helicopter

Yesterday after work, Matthew and I took off for Phil's apartment. We were coming to see a Chinook land at a grade school. Here is Matthew and I goofing around waiting. Phil was one of the recruiter's in charge of helping with the event.

We could hear it before we saw it. The kids were screaming as soon as they heard it. When they spotted it they went nuts.


Around this time the rush of air caught us and Matthew decided he wasn't so fond of helicopters after all.

It's down. Phil looking on as the crew does their thing.

The Chinook is in the house.

We were the first people to go up to it. Looking in at crew stowing helmets and such.

Matthew in the cockpit.

Matthew telling me he doesn't like the cockpit.

I'm such a good Army wife I salute my husband.

Matthew and I got to hand out flags to all the school kids and other kids that showed up. Here is a picture of Matthew giving a pair of twins flags.

We had so much fun! It was an absolute blast. Kids came up to shake hands with my husband and thank him for serving, 2 girls wanted his autograph, while others told him they liked his helicopter. It is something that I'm not going to forget for a long time and if Matthew doesn't remember I have about 20 pictures to remind him. In parting here is one of the videos I shot of the Army guys "allowing" the school kids to win at tug of war. Enjoy!


Mom said...

Such a fabulous collection of photos (complete with a video) from what was obviously a wonderful day to remember! I especially loved the two-way shot of the THREE of you! That is one impressive helicopter! Wow! I'm so proud of Phil for all the work he does for our country, and of you for being a 'good' army wife (loved your salute), and of Matthew for handing out flags! I'm glad you could go and that the weather was good for this fun event!

Auntie said...

Wow! How cool was that! I'd have liked to see the Chinook, esp since I missed seeing the Apache. You 2 are doing things not everybody could do, and the boy hands out flags. Thank you. The video was fun.

Angela said...

WoW- that looked like fun; I agree with Beth the picture that Phil took of you and Matthew that captured him as well is one of my favorites