Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday surprises

Yesterday a man came and got our "new" door hung. There was alot that had to be done and Matthew loved watching and "helping."

Here is Matthew with the screwdriver he was given to "help" with.

The finished product from inside.

And outside. I'm really pleased with it. The best working door in the house. I just wish I get to enjoy it longer.

After work Matthew and I grabbed my Mom and we went ditch diving. We came up with around 6 different ones. I think that makes around 30 varieties in my yard. They are so beautiful.

Look how blue this bud is. I can't wait to see the iris.

I think this is a real pretty one too.

The word to describe this week can only be damp. It's damp and wet and gloomy. It's almost a misty haze. I think my plants are waiting to grow until the heat and sun return. I sure hope it does cause I have alot of salsa to make this summer! Until then my irises outside and geraniums and hibiscus inside, are brightening up the gloom.


Auntie said...

The door is magnificent, the iris are beautiful, and the boy is a doll-baby!

Angela said...

Wow!! The front door looks great, the flowers are pretty, and I'm glad Matthew was allowed to help out. I, also, wish the rain and cold would go away. I'm no longer sure what season it is and how many clothes I need to put on to keep warm!

Anonymous said...

Your door is classic! & Matthew looks like a fantastic little helper. I love the title pic of him running with his "friends" the cows looking on. What a perfect place for childhood freedoms you all enjoy in Kansas! SPACE right there outside the front door...mmmmmm!