Sunday, May 2, 2010

The pregnant cat vs the pint sized dictator

So the other day it was a lazy day in the garden. I was running around taking pictures of my plants and Matthew was playing. Too Many wanted to join in the fun and flopped in the middle of my garden. Matthew was on to her quick. "GET OFF MOMMY'S PLANTS!"

So he chased her under the propane tank. He still thought she needed to get out. Obviously she was still too close to Mommy's plants.

All I saw was tail.

After he stayed quiet for a few minutes, she ventured forth...

...and that boy yelled and chased that poor pregnant cat all the way under my car! I was hollering the whole time, "She's pregnant. Leave her alone." I think the pint sized dictator won this round.


Mom said...

How hilarious!!! Hehehehe!

Angela said...

LOl- poor kitty :)