Friday, May 7, 2010

Hat and Sunglasses Day

All dressed up to go to school.

The young respectable cowboy.

Dancing in the mirror.

All the kids in their hats and shades.

Matthew and Amanda decided to exchange hats and glasses! Aren't they cute?!

6 months before the thought of Matthew, there was the hope of another baby. Yesterday, 3 yrs ago, was the end of that hope. Although it is something that we don't talk about much, it's something I think about. I sometimes wonder what could have been. But, I feel so blessed that Matthew was given me. He is a pretty fabulous little guy!


Anonymous said...

Matthew looks so cute although he doesn't seem terribly impressed with his "girlfriends" pink hat and glasses. I often have similiar thoughts about what could have been especially when I think about wanting children of my own but I try to comfort myself with the joy I have spending time with you and Matthew and my other godchildren when I get the opportunity.

Auntie said...

I imagine the missed possibility will always bring a wondering and a saddness, since people aren't interchageable. And I do agree, your littlest cowboy is a fine fellow. Respectable, too!

Mom said...

All your photos are so cute and sweet and fun! It looks like it was a fine hat and sunglasses day.

I am sorry you had that experience before. I'm not sure how it works, but I hope we will get to meet him or her in heaven one day. Love you!

The author said...

He actually was excited to trade, but when it came to actually taking the photo, he's started to like the stoic look. It reminds me of my Dad and Phil somehow...