Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend grilling fun

When we were first married I bought Phil a nice propane grill. My husband is a huge fan of grilling and will do it in any weather. It took about 5 years of pretty steady use and finally, the grates in the bottom that conduct the heat evenly, wore out and gave up. That was last fall. This spring Phil couldn't take it anymore and went out and bought a charcoal grill. The advantage of this is grilled marshmallows. Last weekend I thought about toasting some too late and the coals were cold. This weekend right after we got done eating, I taught Matthew how to toast his first marshmallow.

The key to a non-charcoaled marshmallow is even rotating. And from a Mom standpoint a fresh clean twig.

Once it's nice and brown, take it off and bite it.

Let the melty goo stick all over you.

Then spend the rest of the night trying to get all the goo off yourself. Heaven help you if you step on a dropped toasted marshmallow. If you've been to Girl Scout camp, you know your shoe will NEVER be the same again. (And I do realize it's not Halloween, but Matthew insisted.)

We had a great Mother's Day weekend. Sunday we went to eat with my parents. My Auntie delighted us by showing up too. My Grandmom has been in the hospital for a week, while they try and drain the water out of her and off her heart. Both my parents told me to expect this year to be her last, so I've decided that Matthew and I will make the most of the summer with her. We visited Grandmom at the hospital and she was in good spirits. We traded funny animal stories and did alot of laughing. I didn't make it to go ditch diving again. Maybe tomorrow evening. How did you all spend your Mother's Day?

Over at Not Dabbling in Normal, The Inadvertent Farmer gave our salsa garden some press time. If want to read the article go here.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Matthew had fun with the Marshmellows and getting sticky. Of course, I approve of the Halloween shirt, I think they are appropriate regardless of the season. I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day with Matthew, your mom, and grandmom.
again with the user name- sorry :(

Mom said...

Did Matthew actually like the marshmallow? I couldn't tell for sure! How fun for all of you! I'm going to have to dig out the charcoal one of these days.

The author said...

He LOVED it. He begged for more all time and the next day.