Thursday, May 27, 2010

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 7

This week Matthew and I tackled the family garden plot. Inside this fence is the family's 2 plots that were based off of square foot gardening. This is the site of my first gardening experiences and boy was it a wreck. It hasn't been gardened for probably quite a few years.

Matthew decided to help his Mom with the "labor."

"MaMaw, I have seeds on my hands."

The pumpkins have been planted.

Pumpkin sprout in the sun. Soon there will be tomatoes also planted in here and tended by Dad. The farmer that he is likes to raise tomatoes. (He hardly ever eats them, but they sure are yummy.)

The purple green beans.

Matthew helped to water the garden, now that the rains have left us and the sun is baking us.

He did a great job. I'm sure the garden is proud of him.

Tuesday I was in such a rush to get the Thursday post published and linked up, I totally forgot to link to The Inadvertent Farmer's week 6 post. Here is week 6 and week 7. At least I'm posting on the right day this week!


inadvertent farmer said...

what a cute little helper you have there...gardening is so much fun fun with someone to do it with! Kim

Mom said...

Your plants look good and your helper is a delight!

The author said...

Thank you! We are enjoying ourselves and the little plants.

Conny said...

Your son, like mine, looks like he enjoys the watering part of gardening - anything to play with the hose. Boys. muddy sneakers. wet socks. big smiles.

Have a great, long weekend. Cheers~

Cathryn said...

Things look like they are coming right along with the sunshine and great little helpers! Thanks for the update!

SomeGirl said...

Love the change your making in the garden plot... breathing new life into it with lovely plants!