Friday, May 9, 2008

Busy busy busy

As I said earlier this week, I've had my boss's kids all week. Getting them to school this morning was my last obligation. Their mom will stop by this weekend and pick up all their bags. I have never seen anyone come with more stuff then they did! That family doesn't travel light anywhere.

Last night our neighbor came to look at the house. That was a little stressful since I feel like it looks like a tornado has blown through it. Especially with all their stuff and the hamster. Which runs on it's wheel all night. Almost every time I woke up all week, there it was running. And I woke up alot this week.

Yesterday was one of the most gorgeous perfect spring days possible. Because of that fact the roofers were able to get another whole side done. It looks to me like they are starting the 4th and final side. Yea! And I hear they are getting ready to start putting up our new weathervane and lightning rods. Our house is starting to look so much better. I heard last night that our house even made the paper. A lady that writes a weekly column mentioned that a nice young couple was fixing up a house in the community and she was very glad. Or something to that effect. I haven't got to see the column yet.

Meanwhile this morning after I dropped the kids off, I took Missy in the have her checkup and shots. She did great and while I was writing this threw up all over Matthew's playmat. She looks like she feels absolutely miserable so I'm guessing that the shots aren't sitting well. Poor girl.

I have been thinking about things I should say about Matthew all week and haven't had the time to put it down. So far I've forgotten again almost everything cute I wanted to share. I can say that he has 2 new loves. 1. Holding one finger in each of his fists and making me "walk" him all over the house. The more U-turns he can do and the more toys he can step on, get tangled in, or step over, the better. That really makes him giggle. I get tired and dizzy after awhile and make him walk around with his walker toy. 2. He loves to run away so people are forced to chase him. He shrieks with laughter to be chased around furniture. He especially thinks that it's funny when mom crawls after him. It's alot harder on my kneecaps then his. I haven't crawled this much since I was his age I think. I am also realizing that if you listen really hard to his garbled speech it's actually turning into words, sentences, and phrases that make sense. Yesterday he handed me his toy and said, "Here you go." I about fell over. There it was in his garbled speech, but clearly what he meant and it was what he should be saying in that instance. I can't believe how grown up my little boy is. His head shaking is getting clearer and not so much a new movement he's trying out. On Wednesday of this week I really made him upset. He realized I stuck my head in the daycare door. He got so excited and started crawling for me as fast as he could. Well, I waited for him to get there, picked him up and hugged him. Since I wasn't ready to leave I tried to put him down and he started to cry and cling to me. I ended up having to pass him over to the staff just bawling and trying desperately to get back to me. I felt awful. He doesn't care when I leave so I didn't think that he'd get so upset to have me peak in. And I felt bad to make him upset and left it to the staff to make him better. Mom on the other hand, had the opposite experience with him this week. He wasn't interested or excited to see her one day this week because he was too into playing with his ball. I've noticed at home alot more independent play. Oh, our little man is growing up too much. Way to fast. I try to make the most of every day with him. I've been very blessed to have the opportunity to stay home with him as much as I have. Not many moms can afford to in this day in age. I think being away from his Dad is upsetting him though. Every night he hasn't seen Phil, he's slept that much worse. Last night was the worst he's been for a long time. He cried a significant portion of it and refused to stop crying unless I was holding him. Talk about making sleep impossible for the poor mom who was already roughing it on a couch. I'll be so glad to sleep on the futon tonight. At least there will be plenty of room for both of us if he repeats last night. Well, now I'm really glad. Missy just decided that she needed to puke again so she hopped up and puked all over the couch, my blanket, and feather pillow. I thought the inner pillowcase was waterproof, but I guess not. Lucky me, this week just gets better and better. I'm running on 4-5 hours sleep. I just pray work can go ok so I can make back home alive. Well I think I need to go so I can call the vet and see if this much puke is normal.

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dwindlingdreams79 said...

just wanted to say I hope you have a great mother's day! Give me a call sometime:)