Thursday, April 1, 2010

I think it's finally spring!

It is SPRING! I think it is finally here!

White and pink grape hyacinths.

Several colors lined up. They are such interesting little flowers.

Another sign spring is here, is the smell of pasture fires and smoke in the air. Not to mention the spring peeper frogs are peeping and I think I saw a mosquito. This also doesn't take into account the fact it's been around 80's.

Last summer I thought there was an oriole nest in the tree in front of our house. Now that the leaves are off I can see it! It made it through the winter, so maybe more oriole babies will be raised there this summer.

Full moon rising.

Pink sunrise grape hyacinths.

A group of spring Irises.

Another Iris Reticulata

Crocus one of the few that survived being eaten on by the rabbits.

A parrot tulip that was holding dew in the tight leaves. Happy Spring Everyone!

Oh I almost forgot say that Matthew has been helping me plant black hollyhock seeds and Hungarian blue breadseed poppies today. The seeds of the poppy are actually edible. Since it is edible do you think it will count as an entry in a kid gardening contest? Probably not, rats. I guess we'll have to plant some tomatoes or carrots or something somewhere...


Angela said...

Nice pictures, I want some flowers but my boxes aren't showing me any yet but I'm hopeful.

Mom said...

What happy, lovely spring pictures! Your grape hyacinths are beautiful!

Auntie said...

Aren't they pretty! Happy Spring to you, too!