Thursday, April 29, 2010

kinderGARDEN update week 4 (which is actually week 3 I realized a week later)

I have so many great pictures that I have taken in the last couple of days, that I have like 2-4 blog posts I can do. But, since it's Thursday and that's kinderGARDEN post day, I'll put them on the back burner. Ok, so today's fun post at The Inadvertent Farmer is here, week 4. If you have been thinking about joining in the fun, it's not to late. Planting one thing or working on one project or a planting a full garden is all allowed. Matthew and I's salsa garden has been put to shame by this project. It's really cool. Even so, we are going to have tons of fun with our project anyway. We blogged about what we are planning here. And our practice run is here. So, now that we have that business out of the way, here is what we worked on today. We got 9 of the 13 types of seeds in yesterday. Today we potted up 5 of them and then ran out of soil. ARGH! I hate it when you are so excited about a project and run out of something you need to complete it. So tomorrow we'll buy more soil and try to pick up the pots Mom is donating.

Matthew planted all the seeds and did a very good careful job!

Today we found a kid sized wheelbarrow at Hobby Lobby. We got it and he loves it! He has been wheeling it all over the house. It's been filled with his jacket, a bouncy ball, his gardening tools, and sunglasses. He wanted to sleep with it and take it to daycare. That's a sure sign that it is a big success.

Raking the lettuce seeds slightly under.

I had totally forgotten that I bought a ton of seed markers 3 yrs ago. They are so perfect for marking our pots. Matthew decided to personalize some of them!

The fruits of our labors.

We don't have bee hives, but we have wild bees that love all our flowers. Maybe my Bug Lady can tell me what kind they are. She has cool posts about bugs at her site here. She promises me she has some fun identification blogs in the works. Maybe a little a shout out will help her to finish them and post them!

Another one hard at work.

Since we starting planting seeds, we just can't help ourselves. We plant seeds everywhere. My house is filling up with pots I can't set outside because of the 30-45 mile an hour wind, first of all.

Matthew caught me in the act of scattering marigold seeds. *photo taken by Matthew

And here is the second reason we can't have pots outside right now. He is fond of dumping them this spring. GRRR! He's a smooth criminal I tell you! He's no camel, but he's the closest thing I've got. (If you read The Inadvertent Farmer, you will understand that last comment.)

Come back tomorrow to see if we get the other 4 kinds planted. And hopefully I can start getting out some of my other pictures.


Mom said...

I love these photos! What a great gift of learning, fun, and your time you are giving your little boy! He looks so delighted with his farming!

You and Matthew can have all the pots on the porch and steps except for the red pottery one! Look under the green table for the latest two pots that I found.

Angela said...

Ah-ha bug lady does in fact know what said bee is hehe; um, I may "steal" your pictures, and add arrows in to show identification marks and post it on said blog; however, I would like to get through tomorrows date first so........:)

Angela said...

ops- it wasn't my password I was forgetting but my screen name ;|

inadvertent farmer said...

I tell you that a salsa garden may not be as glamorous as a green roof but is sounds completely yummy to this salsa lover! I can't wait for you to share some salsa recipes with me! Kim