Monday, April 26, 2010

Warm-up for planting the salsa garden

I've been planning on trying to plant Iran pumpkins again this summer. I think they are the most fascinating pumpkins I've ever seen and I've only been able to buy them once in the last 5 years. If I can get them to grow, I'm planning on saving the seeds! This is one thing we aren't going to grow in a pot, but we sure plan to start them there! Matthew was so excited to plant pumpkin seeds. He did most of the work.

Raking the soil.

Mixing the potting soil up.

Planting the seeds.

So proud of what he has done!

Watering the seeds. Matthew was so proud of what he did, that he had to check the pumpkins several times today. When his MaMaw came over he told her all about what he had done. This evening, while we were checking on the pumpkins, I had to explain to him that he couldn't dig them up because if he did, they'd never grow. We just have to wait. I think things are looking good for us being in the kinderGARDEN contest. If you have a child or know a child you'd like to garden with this summer, and want to join the contest, I don't think it's to late. Head on over to kinderGARDEN contest and sign up!


Mom said...

Oh, I love this photo essay of a little boy's first gardening experience! How precious!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Beth, he looks so proud of himself and he did a good job; the two of you make me want to have my own garden :)
AMT I'll remember my password again someday :)