Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 2 of kinder GARDENS: Reveal garden plans

Are they coming up? Oh, I see them! (Looking at flower sprouts from the middle of March.)

This is a post that will reveal several things that many of you do not know are in the works.

1. I entered Matthew and I into a contest called kinder Gardens. We entered because I love Kim's, aka The Inadvertent Farmer, blog and I think it's a wonderful contest. I do not expect Matthew and I to win any of the cool prizes at the end of the summer, but it sure will be fun trying. As everyone knows I love to garden. I am trying to cultivate a love for gardening in Matthew. After all, when I die someone has to take care of all my plants!!! I think Matthew is starting to get it. He has been helping me pull weeds and tells the dogs to get off Mommy's plants or he says, "Mom, Scampie/Missy is on your plants." Or, "Mom, look." and is pointing to the offending pet. Atta boy Matthew!

2. We have planned our gardening plans around our family plans. So I'm here to announce that Matthew and I are moving from our little slice of country heaven (and all my flowers) to a house in town at the end of next month. Yes, I said it, in town. Somewhere I hoped to never be again, unless I was living in my beloved Phoenix. (At least there are flowers already there.) We had a opportunity to rent out our house, so with Phil still living in KC, we decided to go ahead and rent it out.

3. I don't think there is a 3 in this reveal (unless it's I finally learned how to hyperlink) so we'll move into our kinder GARDEN plans. Week 1 was to talk to your kids and come up with what you'd like to grow and make the plan. I sat Matthew down and we looked through one of our seed catalogs. I pointed out several veggies and asked if he would want to grow them. Every time I'd get, "Yes, but I not eat them. I no like them." Are you kidding me? We are considering growing veggies for the heck of it and not eating them??? I think not. The only plants he actually wanted to eat, or didn't specify as a no, was purple beans, nipple fruit (which isn't edible), and butternut squash. Matthew likes salsa and his dad loves making the family fresh salsa. I thought it would be fun to grow a salsa garden, with a couple other fun things like purple beans and nipple fruits. Matthew agrees this is fine and has since approved romaine lettuce. The list is something like this: tomatoes, cilantro, onions, peppers, romaine lettuce, nipple fruit, purple beans, and maybe an eggplant. Since we will be moving to town after we need to be planting our seeds and I don't want to tear up the lawn of the house in town, we'll be planting our garden in large pots. Probably 10 or less. Urban gardening here we come for better or worse!


Mom said...

I think your urban garden plans are excellent! You will both have so much fun!

Angela said...

Sounds like fun, please keep me updated on the urban gardening since I'm afraid that once my "country venture" is over this is what I will need to do. What are the sprouts that Matthew is looking at in the picture? The sprouts that I have growing look similar to that, of course, I need to look at them to see what's going on with them these days but last I recall that is what they looked like.

The author said...

Lol, well alot of what is in the picture is grass since I only got the tip of the flower garden, but we were looking at crocuses I believe. I will keep you updated on the art of container planting. I've done it before with pretty good success.

inadvertent farmer said... little guy loves that we grow tomatoes of all different colors and sizes but says they're 'yucky' to!

A salsa garden sounds very yummy! Happy moving, Kim

Anonymous said...

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