Monday, April 12, 2010

Flowers and the weekend

It bloomed today! 4/12 is by far the earliest I've ever seen an iris bloom. 5/8 was the earliest date last year. Of course I didn't have this particular iris in the garden last year. Anyway, isn't it a beauty! It's such a dark purple it's almost black and has lovely bright blue beards.

My almost black hyacinth and pinkish tulip with my parrot tulips that are red! this year. Last year they were more of a yellow. You just never know do you?

Matthew and I journeyed up to visit Phil this weekend. Saturday we went to a bowling event to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters. I would have taken pictures, but I couldn't get my camera to work right, probably due to a low battery. So the pictures you see here on out, were taken Sunday at Auntie's house. Matthew (and all of us) had a ball. *Photo taken by Auntie

He was so excited to ride the yellow tricycle. *Photo taken by Auntie

Me sporting my new do. *Photo taken by Auntie

Auntie has the coolest kid sized bowling set that Matthew really enjoyed playing with. All I heard the night before was, "I want to play." And having to say over and over, "I'm sorry, only the big girls and boys are bowling tonight." got really old.

I love this action shot!

All weekend long Matthew pooped in the toilet! Yesterday, same story. Today, well, I guess 3 out of 5 isn't bad...after all going 5 times is rather alot. I'm guessing we are almost ready to give up pullups. Yesterday I threw away a pair because it'd been worn for 24 hrs and was literally starting to wear out. They aren't meant to stay dry of long and be pulled up and down so much.

Tonight, as I was digging nasty weeds out of my flower bed, a tractor went by. Matthew was thrilled, until Scamp decided to run down the road chasing it/running along aside it barking loudly. Matthew and I tried to call him back but after we lost sight of him, he disgustedly announced, "We need to get a new Scampie dog." I giggled to myself and decided that this quote would make the blog! Now before you feel too sorry for Scamp, just know that he came back a minute later and was received with open arms by the boy! And I continued digging nasty weeds.


Mom said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love the photos of Matthew playing too, and how funny about Scamp! He's going to have to behave himself from now on or Matthew may replace him--not!!!

Auntie said...

Every time I look at these photos I will remember what a fine visit we all had.
Because of your loving care your flowers are making a fine show this spring. They are beautiful.

Angela said...

I'm glad the purple iris bloomed and that you took a picture; it sure is beautiful; I love Matthewisms :)