Friday, April 9, 2010

An assortment of pics

While my family was celebrating Easter and enjoying being together, another family's heart was breaking as they lost their son, dad, brother, friend. A very generous guy I met last year died Easter Sunday at the young age of 41. My son doesn't take to many people right away, but he really liked Ed and asked him to hold him. And Ed in return taught Matthew to do knuckles, something he spontaneously does today. Here they are together. *Photo by Christy

Panner decided that she really likes having her toy basket empty.

The storm Tuesday's cloud from our house.

Not only did Auntie bring yard toys for my parents house, she brought a set for our house as well. And I think everyday Matthew has gotten them out of the garden shed to play with them. What a great gift!

As I was trying to make a detailed map of where every plant and bulb is in my flower bed, I was shocked to see an iris ready to bloom! I wasn't looking for iris to bloom till next month. I still have tulips blooming and daffodils!

Duc Van Tol Rose from 1700.

Grape hyacinths that are supposed to be all exploding and frilly, have I been duped or am I rushing them...stay tuned...

Phlox in my Mom's garden.

Matthew has been working really hard on toilet training. So much so, that he got me up in the middle of the night so that he could go potty. I remind him to go, but he is starting to know when he has to go himself. I love every time he announces, "I have to go potty!" and runs off to do it! He has had some toilet success with #2's and even went outside. We are down to 1 or 2 pullups a day. Another thing he is loving to do at the moment is sing the ABC's to anyone and everyone. And most of the time he's getting it right with no to few errors. And that's the way the world spins around Matthew!


Auntie said...

Thank you so much for all the cool photos, the captions, and the little stories you put on your blog! Montana doesn't have anything on your own "big sky" with the storm cloud. Your flowers are looking grand.
I surely live in the used toy truck mecca of the world--the average price for each was probably only about $3, tho it took many happy hours of haunting thrift shops to find exactly what I wanted at a good price. I am glad he has fun with them.
What happy and fun Easter photos. My waistline is suffering, too. Oh well.

Mom said...

Your pictures are great! Keep us posted on more flowers, and of course, more Matthew!