Saturday, April 3, 2010

Because 1 egg hunt wasn't enough

The full basket of coached success.

Oh, here's one.

I found just one...

We live in an area where it is possible to hit 2, if not 3 Easter egg hunts. This year we decided to step into the big leagues and go to 2. Matthew still needs lots of coaching to get the eggs. He will literally just pass them all by if we don't tell him to stop. But luckily for him he had not 2 but 3 people to help find eggs with him. Angela is staying the weekend with us and got to experience the egg hunt with us. In a few minutes we will dye Easter eggs for Matthew to find outside tomorrow. Happy Easter everyone!


Mom said...

Happy Easter!!!

Auntie said...

I remember those days! I followed your mom around--like I always did--since she knew just how to do things. She'd find an egg and I'd look in the same place, since it was obviously a good place to find an egg. Then I'd become frustated when I didn't have eggs, and probably screeched. I remember her taking me around to help me find eggs, so I could learn how.