Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter and the last Easter egg hunt at our house

Could it be? Did the Easter Bunny visit? Yes! Yes he did! What a pile of goodness!

There is definately eggs in the grass...

Matthew didn't even make it to his basket before he started collecting eggs!

Wow, an Etch a Sketch!

Here's another egg!

When he picked up the big egg he's going for Matthew said, "What egg is this?" He then dropped the egg and said, "I don't need this one!" We laughed so hard and told him he might as well take it anyway!

A full basket.

After this it was hurry all 3 adults and one small boy through the shower and into the car to eat Easter dinner with my parents and Auntie. After lunch we visited my Grandmom, who was surprised to discover the Easter bunny left stuff for her too! We were were looking all cute and dressed up, and wouldn't you know, no one took a picture.

The KC Easter bunny sent alot of yummy stuff down with Auntie. She brought all these great trucks and digging equipment for yard season at my parents. Matthew was beyond excited and proceed to waste no time using them. The Easter bunny that stops at my parents also left tons to eat, so we have a very very full candy bowl around here. I'm thinking my waistline in suffering for it! Hope the Easter Bunny was good to all of you!


Mom said...

Your dad and I love these pictures! It was a happy day!!!

Angela said...

It was a happy day and I had a great time with everybody; I hope to have another successful Easter next year.

Mom said...

Absolutely, Angela!

Auntie said...

What an awesome "boonies" easter basket. Maybe that is an Army Boonie Bonnet?