Sunday, April 25, 2010

The neighbors and the salsa garden

Everyday steers crowd the fence to get their daily nose licking. Shoving and jockeying into better positions happens. So far the fence has been punished too much and hasn't fallen down. I've never seen a dog take his job as Chief Nose Licker more seriously.

One small boy tells the cows that that is HIS mommy. Yesterday he unzipped his jacket and proceeded to tell those steers about the train on his shirt. Then I heard him say, "That's enough." and zipped the jacket up. Lesson over.

The salsa garden has been finalized and over 3/4th of the seeds ordered. The official list is:
1. Ananas Noire/Black Pineapple Tomato
2. Black Plum Tomato
3. Cream Sausage Tomato
4. Lime Green Salad Tomato
5. Martino's Roma Tomato
6. True Black Brandywine Tomato
7. Cilantro
8. Fish Pepper
9. Yellow Borettana Onion
and for the Fun part of the garden:
10. Royalty Purple Pod
11. Forellenschluss Lettuce
12. Alexandria Alpine Strawberry
13. Nipple Fruit Eggplant

I'm so excited to get to planting. I've been taking stock of what pots I have in the garden shed. My mom is generously donating some pots that are cosmetically sad, but very durable for my purposes. I think I will be able to re-purpose enough pots and buckets that I won't have to buy any. Phil helped to decide which tomato varieties we would get. I told him he sounded excited and he said, "Of course, it's for my salsa!" I think he is eager to try some new tomatoes, homegrown at that, and see how it changes his recipe. Matthew helped me to re-pot a hibiscus that desperately needed a new pot. When we were done he took the old pot and announced, "My pot to plant in now." It's looking good for help with the salsa garden. I mean after all, it's really all about him learning and growing this garden.

And here is the Matthew funny for the day: As I was sipping coffee this morning, Matthew came up and announced, "I drink coffee." I said, "Little kids don't drink coffee." He countered, "I does!" And that's actually a true statement. He loves it. Not that he gets more then a sip, but he likes the way I drink it. Plenty of sugar and creamer. Actually my coffee just aspires to be coffee!


Anonymous said...

You must produce a show quality picture of the little boy kneeling, his watchful dog and the is a beauty with a timeless story. Please share some of the salsa product after the harvest!!!

Anonymous said...

Now how can you deliver the salsa product to anonymous? This is Maurine.

The author said...

Maurine, we'd LOVE to share the salsa with you and Ken! We'll let you know when it's ready and drive it up or have you meet us. :)

Auntie said...

That settles it--I must get that boy's barn done for this B-Day. (And if he is too young for it, just put it away til next year.)
Love your gardening stories!

Mom said...

I guess I'd better get my salsa request in before it is all gone! Are you sure you are planting enough ingredients??? Love the photos and the stories!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Matthew is "teaching" the cows about important stuff like who his mom is and what trains are!!! :) I think all the good teachers he has in his life are making an impact on him :)
AMT forgot my password again :(