Monday, March 29, 2010

The last of the spring break pictures

A cool car that I happened to get behind. As we all know, supporting the troops is near and dear to my heart.

While visiting Phil the last weekend of break we got snow on the first day of spring! What the heck!

The boys doing what boys do best.

We took Matthew for the first time to Chuckie Cheese.

Riding a horse. He liked the rides, but the games were a little beyond him yet.

Doing military chin-ups. We went to a military event the guys held. I should have taken a picture of the Army Hummer. It's pretty cool. While we were there a lady and her son came by. She said the reason they stopped was because her 9 yr old son was a huge fan of the Army and wanted to enlist at 18 to be a snipper. She said at every birthday they celebrate it's only so many more yrs till he can join. The son was in heaven to receive so much cool stuff. I thought it was cool how calmly the lady accepted her young son's decision.

Get a ball...

It's good! Matthew would have played basketball all day if I would have let him. He absolutely adores it.


Angela said...

:) It looks like you guys had a fun spring break even though it snowed, again

Auntie said...

Go, Round-Ball Boy! Nice seeing more of Phil. Give him something to do besides pose and look pretty? The Army occasion looks like fun.

Philosophical question: Can a person "Support the Troops" AND oppose the war to which they are sent?

Mom said...

I really enjoyed the rest of your spring break pictures. It seems like so long ago that it snowed!