Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Matthew never fails to find something interesting to do.

What a goof ball!

I am so annoyed! I spent an hour uploading alot of photos taken over break only to have Blogger refuse to publish it because it had a Meta that it didn't like! Like I know what a Meta is and how to fix it. They even showed me the string of computer gibberish that it had beef with, that only a computer tech would understand. So I finally caved after another 15 mins and deleted the whole thing. I did everything exactly like I always do, so either the site messed up, or it dislikes one of my photos, which would be weirder yet. That's all I can come up with since I don't wrote computer codes. So tonight all anyone gets are the first 2 pics of spring break. I'm not uploading 10 to 15 again, just to go through the same "Meta" situation!


Anonymous said...

What fun! He is such a happy, creative little boy!!! You two are doing such a good job as mom and dad.

Angela said...

sorry that blogger gave you such a hard time but I loved the pics you posted and I look forward to the next ones when you are free to post them :)