Thursday, March 25, 2010

More spring break pictures

The Grandparents and I took Matthew to the park one day over Spring Break and he LOVED it! Going to the park with Grandparents are the best!

Another day over break Mom came and spent the day playing with Matthew will I worked on spring cleaning. I got a far amount done and Matthew and his Mamaw did alot of building.

He was so proud it was taller then his head!

What should we do now?

Here's the picture I took of all the stuff sleeping with the boy the night he got up and announced he was a hungry boy.

Now my son will also crouch down and look for emerging flowers.

One of my old college friends came in from back east. Matthew and I went to the park with her and her two sister, her daughter and niece. Here is Matthew, Lacey, Gracie, and Jodie.

Here is Missy with Matthew hiding Emma in the back. We had alot of fun, even though it was rather chilly. Matthew had a good time showing off his skills.

We'll be back soon, showing off more pictures of stuff we did over Spring Break!


Angela said...

This looks much more fun than my spring break :) but I'm looking forward to Easter with the family :) maybe we can play outside then????

Auntie said...

Thanks for the wonderful photos --Next best thing to being there.
I have daffodils in bloom already(north slope) from the ones you dug for me.

Mom said...

Spring break WAS fun!