Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring delights

It was so much warmer and sunny last week, we spent as much time outside as possible. In the playhouse at daycare with a friend.

Back to falling out of cars.

"Lifeguard of the playground"

Playing at Auntie's with the cool tricycle she got for him.

All ready to play football.

After and during being sick we had Phil's car break, so I've been working on getting my car fixed, so we have 2 running cars instead of just 1! What a mess. I think we have most of the bugs worked out with my car, so hopefully we can keep it on the road awhile. So with all that going on, Matthew and I were on the road alot and had no time for blogs. Maybe now things will settle down and we can go back to blogging. The weather is getting better all the time and I'm much more inspired to take photos. I'm so glad spring is nearly here!!!


Mom said...

So delightful to see these happy spring pictures!!!

Auntie said...

What fun photos. Spring and Yard Season really will come. I am pretty certain. Won't be long til you are showing flower shots, too.