Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our strange cats

Here is Isabelle, attempting to get into Phil's olive jar from above. He has both of our cats eating olives. Pandora runs, when she hears him getting olives out of the fridge, to beg for them. If Phil doesn't get them out when Pandora decides she wants them, she will stalk him meowing, until he feeds her. What is wrong with our cats????


Auntie said...

The stalking and screeching sounds normal. But, for OLIVES?! Never heard of cats eating olives!

Mom said...

Ha, ha... I hope she doesn't fall in the jar! Olives are weird for cats to eat! What happens to Phil if you run out of olives???

Anonymous said...

Where is there a Cat Whisperer hen you need one! What a unique familt you all are. teeheehee!