Monday, February 8, 2010

Dining room progress

Normally Matthew doesn't prime in his pullups, but his paint pants where in the washing machine.

Here we are working hard. Not long after this it got to be such a mess we had to give up and leave it to Dad.

Finished corner. I can't wait to get the baseboards and door trim up!


Auntie said...

That is looking GREAT! - I do like yellow.
Can't imagine Matthew is much help in pull-ups OR paint pants. He will graduate college next week, eh?

Mom said...

I love the color! It looks great! What a nice team your family is working together!!!

Anonymous said...

SWEET! I too love the yellow. Looks good on little boys too! What a patient mommy you are: & brave.

The author said...

Thanks everyone! I think we are going to love the color too. I do a little more each day, especially since it's gotten gloomy again.

Auntie, I hope he doesn't graduate next week! It's already flying too fast, lol.

Mom, so days we make a better team then others...

Susan, too kind, if you ask my husband he'd just say dumb to let him weld a brush with real paint on it!