Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's late

It's late, I was just preparing to go to bed, when I heard the noise no parent wants to hear. Booohoooohoooo, sniffle, sniffle, wail. I get up and go to Matthew's room to hear, "Mommy I'm a hungry boy, boohoohoo, I'm a hungry boy, sob, Mommy, I'm a hungry boy." There's just nothing like it in the world. It breaks your heart and makes you smile all at the same time. I fed my sweet boy some bread. He decided he couldn't go to bed without another small dump truck sleeping with him. (Thanks Auntie! He loves the truck and I LOVE the apron. Betty Crocker, be ready to be put to shame!) This means in his toddler bed there is: 1 small boy, 1 snoring horse, 1 puppy (thanks Auntie Tara), 1 "Mac" aka semi with trailer and 1 small dump truck. It's getting crowded, but he can be comfortable aaannnywaaaaay.


Mom said...

OH, how sweet! It brought back some memories!!!

Auntie said...

What wonderful stories you tell, and what wonderful memories you will have of your sweet boy. Glad you like your apron, and he likes his truck. Happy Almost-Spring!

Anonymous said...

Matthew is such a darling. & yes, those memories stir for me too of my own(grown)babies. Thanks for the warmth your blog generates for me now (& someday will share with your own (grown) boy.