Sunday, January 30, 2011


I know I'm not the only gardener that gets a gleam in their eye this time of year and has nothing but seeds on the brain. In my case, what's on my mind is too many seeds going to waste, while I have to have small container gardens. I have hundreds of dollars tied up in seeds I can't use. Granted that some of them are getting rather old, but would anyone like some, even if hardly any sprouted? Thought I'd ask before I weeded them out and tossed or made a list.

Some of my old seed is sprouting just fine, evidenced by the green showing up. More daily. Ahhh, I love and hate this time of year!


Auntie said...

Seeds from King Tut's tomb sprouted just fine. Why do you think yours won't? (Serious question - you know I'm not a gardner.) Aren't their packages pretty? (Check your email from me)

Erin said...

I am in the same situation! I spent way less, thankfully this year - every year I get more sane it seems LOL! (when it comes to the garden anyways) :)

fullfreezer said...

My friend who I used to share a garden space with once found an ancient pack of mesclun mix. It was probably 5 or 6 years old, at least, He planted it in the garden, thickly because he didn't think it would germinate well. He was surprised and had to thin it out because it came up so well.
I was pretty good this year and made myself inventory what I've got on hand before I would allow myself to order anything. Of course, there was still a seed order- The seed fix. It's necessary this time of year. Of course, I'm still a month and a half or more from being able to start seedlings inside.

The author said...

Argh! I need to have blogger friends that don't garden like I do!

Auntie, I emailed you about the seeds sprouting and yes, sometimes I think the packages entice me to buy t

The author said...

and to continue...too much!