Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's been all about outside or trying to not go crazy inside

Bird feeder we made.

First bird I saw using it.

Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal like to eat seeds off the ground. They come everyday.

This guy comes everyday too. He will even let you stand right under him.

More tanks rolling along. We haven't seen them behind to house for 3 days although they are still shaking the house.

The other day I looked out the window and saw 2 lights in the sky. Maybe flares of some sort?

More equipment.

We've had alot of rain and the lichen/moss loves it! It's really bloomed.

One of those animals isn't stuffed.

Matthew and I made a huge "bed" to be pulled by the train and played with it most of the afternoon.

Puddle stomping in the rain.

Huge puddles everywhere.

I wonder what this bird is, rather yellow, maybe an immature orange-crowned warbler? It liked the suet we bought Thursday.

How many birds can you find?

I find it so fascinating.

Isabelle playing.

Tons of sparrows came and ate suet yesterday.

Watching a movie.

At the other end of the street, the motorpool is right behind the houses. At this moment I wished I lived right there. All the equipment so close. The photos I could have taken.

I liked the way this bush turned colors.

Matthew showing off cedar berries on our walk. We've started collecting seeds on our walks. Matthew is especially proud of the bur oak acorns we got on the last walk before the monsoon rains.

He has so much fun taking his own photos!


Mom said...

I enjoyed your photos! You do a good job of finding things to do both inside and out. I loved the stuffed animals photo and those lichen photos are incredible!

Auntie said...

Birds: 3 in the tree. Maybe one on the ground.
Animals, moving clockwise: Pooh, Eeyore, Cotton Tail Rabbie, Tigger, Missy, and someone I can't recognize from its feet.
What a nice set of photos you sent. What is that "tame" bird?

The author said...

Mom, I can't believe the lichen myself!

Auntie, very good! I think the "tame" bird is a flycatcher of some sort. I haven't figured it out since they normally winter in S. America. The last animal was puppy.

Kirsten said...

LOVE the lichen pics!

And the one with Matthew and all his buddies in bed. Kiddo used to sleep like that - but his were all ducks. :)

Awesome bird feeder, too! I was going to leave ours out all winter, but I chickened out - didn't want to be traipsing through the snow to refill. I'm a wimp.

Mom said...

Anyone who chops ice on her pond to save the fish, is NOT a wimp!!!