Friday, January 7, 2011

The Day Just Went From Bad to Worse

Normally I don't post about the bad days, because we all have bad days. What's interesting about bad days? Well, yesterday was by far the worst day I've had in a long time (and I've had to pay for expensive plumbing issues at our real house lately.) It was so bad, it's almost comical I think. Let's walk through the day shall we?

January 6th

12:01-01:00 am: Fell asleep
3:43 am: Suddenly awoken to frantic "Mama's" screamed and sobbed by Matthew. Hurried as fast as my mostly asleep self could to his room. When asked what was wrong, Matthew replied that he called my name and I didn't reply so he started crying and screaming. When I asked what he needed, he replied he had to potty. He was so upset, that I had to let him sleep with me. Sigh.
7:30 am: Matthew wide awake and chipper. Me, not so much
8:30 am: Checked email and informed by lawyer that the first evil property management agency is probably sending me a letter. Sigh.
11:30 am: Cut finger on can lid.
12:01 pm: Checked email quickly and set closed laptop on corner of the coffee table. Stood up to read Matthew his 2 naptime stories, only to have closed laptop plummet off coffee table onto my socked foot. Man that laptop corner hurt. Within a minute 2 toes turning blue. Hop around trying not to scream curse words.
3:01 pm: Knock on door. Mailman with package and letters. One letter from evil property management agency. It was by far the nastiest letter I've ever received. I was so mad that I shook for 20 mins. Email lawyer.
4:00 pm: Outside with Matthew. He throws one fit after another about the difficulty of riding his toys in the lawn.
7:15 pm: Send Matthew to bed.
7:40 pm: Matthew begins hysterical crying and screaming that he can't sleep in his bed anymore, he has to sleep with me. Try comforting and rationalizing with him for 10 mins and give up because it makes no difference.
8:00 pm: Matthew comes to my bed where I'm trying to relax by reading.
8:15 pm: Phil talks to Matthew and he goes right to bed and sleeps there all night long.

It was a looooong day. And may I add it's a good thing it's not summer time because my pinkie on one foot is blackened and now 2 toes on the other foot are blackened.

Of course there were good parts to yesterday, like going to the library and getting the grocery shopping done within 2 hours. The laptop suffered no damage from my toes. The package was 2 container gardening books that I was able to buy with my Christmas cash, yea! But the best was Matthew finding marigold seeds and wanting to plant them.

Putting the seeds in. We found and planted some basil seeds too. (All from our plants outside.)

Mom, I have to really work the dirt.

We all had to smell the dirt, nice and earthy.

"Mama, my seeds are going to grow so fast!" He was still excited today and wanted water them some more. I sure hope something grows for him. It's still a little early in the season to plant stuff outside. I can't wait to plant stuff myself.


Kirsten said...

Ugh! That IS a bad day. Hope you all get a good night's sleep and you wake up to a glorious day. :)

Can't believe you're planting already! Guess that's one of the perks of living in the south - we got snow today, more coming tomorrow. I am having to chop through the ice on our pond every day to keep our fishies alive!

Auntie said...

One thing after another. Hate that sort of day, but listed down it IS almost funny. But not quite! Hang tough -- we love you all.

Mom said...

Ooohhh, my toes are curling up in sympathy with yours! I hope today was MUCH better!!!

I too hope that his plants sprout quickly!!! I wonder if one of those bubble-type plant covers would work on his container to keep the plants warm.

We are supposed to get really cold here too with snow very likely tomorrow night. No outdoor container gardening here for some time!

fullfreezer said...

Hugs to you and your ouchy toes. I do hope today was better.
I'm so jealous that you can plant anything yet. We were getting snow today and it's in the teens outside- without the windchill! But, I'm thinking about starting some lettuce seeds under my grow lights....

The author said...

Thanks for the sympathy everyone. It was a weird day!

Kirsten and Judy, it gets into the 50's-70's most days and down to maybe 40's at night. (I don't really look at the weather to be sure.) The lawn is greening up, but I think we really shouldn't be planting till the end of March, beginning of April but when your boy shows interest, you do it!

Mom, it really probably does need a cover, at least a night. I've been working on saving stuff to start seeds in.

Auntie, I'm hanging on, yesterday was MUCH better!

Erin said...

That was a bad day! I do love that you posted about it though, let's the rest of us know that other peoples' lives aren't perfect! Hang in there, mama, it's bound to get better!

The author said...

Thanks Erin! I was a little worried about posting it. We definitely have ups and downs in this family!