Saturday, January 8, 2011

Getting back to nature

I got alot of great outside shots while we were home for Christmas. I found myself excusing myself to go outside and take shots of nature. I was really craving the rural setting of home. I saw creatures I've never seen before and soaked up nature.

Ooops, this is actually from here. We saw the cattle outside the window and ran to get our shoes on. By time we got outside, they had walked on.

I finally realized that since we've moved here, we aren't getting the outside time we used to and I can't stand it. Even in the winter we'd spend as long as we could stand outside(often a good 30 mins to an hour.) It's my New Year Resolution to find a way to get back to nature here in the city sprawl. One thing I realize I've instilled in Matthew is trash in nature is bad. Every time we go for a walk he talks about how bad trash is. It makes me proud. I've been toying with trying the Outdoor Challenges I found here. (And buying the book.)

For now I'm going to study my new container books and look at my grow it book and see if Matthew can come up with some stuff to grow while waiting for spring.


Mom said...

I love, Love, LOVE your nature shots! (Of course the ones with the BOY are the best! Teehee!) Your books look so interesting. I hope they 'tide' you over until spring!

Kirsten said...

you got some GREAT shots!

Cathryn said...

Love the bird nest shot and the lonesome kid on the road. Great shots!

The author said...

Mom, ha I knew it was all about the boy!

Kirsten, thank you!

Cathryn, I love the bird nest shot too! It was in the heart of one of the bushes where we lived over the summer and I never knew it was there. It's amazing what you see when the leaves fall off.

Angela said...

Beaver? Where the heck was I? Thanks for reminding me that I need to get out and enjoy the outdoors more, even in the sub-arctic temperatures brrr!