Monday, January 10, 2011

Highlights since Friday

It was Happy New Year at story time on Friday. All the kids had to dance for a New Years hat.
Miss D and Miss Regina run story time. They are in the white hats up front.

Matthew was very proud of his hat.

Friday night Matthew painted for an hour before bed.

One of the finished works.

Saturday morning right after breakfast Matthew wanted to paint with watercolors and ended up mixing them with tempera.

Sunday around 3 am it was raining and it rained steadily till we got up. We had lovely puddles that Matthew just had to stomp in before breakfast. Since it was cold we didn't stay out long.

After breakfast this morning we watched Despicable Me, again. Every time Gru dances, we have to get up and dance too.

My Mom gave me a folder games book. We have been playing with the seasons match up and this one where you make little people.

Before nap time and after we played with our barn and animals.

Isabelle was even interested (and in the way.)

We also took a nature walk to look at cattails and we noticed something exciting behind the house. If Phil ok's it we'll blog about it tomorrow.


Mom said...

I love Matthew's painting! He is going to be an artist for sure. (And a farmer, and an explorer, and...)

The photo of Isabelle is fascinating. Her fur and whiskers framed the top of the photo in such an interesting way, and then upon a second look I saw Matthew's face looking into the barn from the other door!

Auntie said...

You got some very nice shots! I wish I had that one "one of his finished" ones. If it were mine I would frame it. Selfishly, it is great to see that he plays with his barn, even at this young age.

Angela said...

I agree, it's fantastic that Matthew loves to paint and is enjoying being creative in many ways.

The author said...

Mom, it's way to early to tell yet.

Auntie, he is having such fun playing with the barn. So far the horse and bull have caused trouble by knocking everyone down and wanting to fight. You had it pegged.

Angela, I really enjoy watching him paint. I'm glad he likes doing stuff other then watching tv.