Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter blahs have arrived

Isabelle pretends to not like Matthew, but then I turn around and she is cuddling.

We've done more painting.

My hibiscus bloomed. I can always count on it to bloom when I get the winter blahs. It bloomed just in time.

Maybe I'm just starved for color and spring, but I thought this bloom was particularly beautiful.

Because I have finally gotten the winter blahs, I've started adding Valentine's Day color. Matthew and I went out and bought the cutest heart tablecloth at Target. I normally put heart picks in my wreath, but I left them behind, so Matthew and I used our new heart punch to make paper hearts for it.

I rather like the effect.

Matthew liked using the heart punch so much, that he used the heart and circle punch this morning. Once we get a new glue stick, we'll start working on Valentines.

Matthew thought I ought to paint with him, so I did. He decided that I hadn't done a very good job, so he improved my artwork. At one point it was raining pink rain. Another, lots of pink flowers were blooming. The black might be a train track. He had stories for everything he did.


Maurine said...

Let me be the first to applaude the artwork. I don't even have the winter blues and the pictures cheered me!!!!

Auntie said...

Very nice art you two made! The heart wreath was great, too. (I like your windmill!)

Mom said...

I loved all your winter blah removal projects! The paintings and the hibiscus flower are lovely. And I think it was quite fortunate that you left your heart picks at home! The paper hearts are even better! I'm glad you and Matthew are finding fun things to do until spring finally arrives!

The author said...

Maurine, thank you!

Auntie, yeah, the one thing Matthew didn't cover!

Mom, well, I don't know if they are better, but they sure are cheaper!