Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trains, trains and more trains

Matthew was so happy that Santa left him a Thomas the Train set. He really wanted both a Polar Express train AND a Thomas the Train set. Life is all about trains. He has a wooden shape train, a Toy Story lego train, and now his heart's desire. Scamp thought it was pretty cool too.

On our way back, Matthew remembered that both his friend's in a certain state, had Thomas the Train sets and thought he really ought to stop by and play. I didn't get a picture of Gracie and Matthew playing with trains, but here is Miles and Matthew playing. Poor Miles really didn't want to share his precious trains, but agreed anyway.

Once we got home, Matthew wouldn't leave us alone until we set up the Polar Express train that Mamaw and Poppa got him. He played with it until the batteries gave way. At that point we packed it up and there it'll stay until Thanksgiving weekend.

Mamaw Sharon and Poppa Jim sent Matthew some Christmas money. With a little extra from Mom and Dad, Matthew was able to get more Thomas the Train stuff.

He was so excited to get the Misty Island Rescue.

Last night I wrestled with getting his Adventures on Misty Island set up. It's such a pain, it's going to be up awhile.

Putting the two together was double fun!

The boy has trains on the brain.


Angela said...

I'm glad he is in "train heaven" and I'm sorry you had train set up problems but that does make me feel better since I thought it was a pain when I was working with them! They need better instructions/pictures.

faith buss said...

The story of my life!!! TRAINS! Glad to see you're diving right in. :) You should have stopped by!

The author said...

Angela, yes constructing it is a mess and now we are missing 1 trestle which complicates things.

Faith, I would have loved to stop by, but we just wanted to get there! Next trip we might stop by you it's convient.

Auntie said...

Looks like fun to me!!! (Love that photo of Scamp watching.)

Kirsten said...

Awww, I remember that stage! We had trains EVERYWHERE. Looks like he's having a blast! :)

Angela said...

I'm sorry your missing a trestle; you can try creating another one with some of his other legos- try a broad base and then stack up. I did that for him when I ran out of trestles and he wanted more track.

The author said...

Auntie, It is fun, except when I have to put stuff back together.

Kirsten, He is loving life!

Angela, I've thought about that, but been too lazy to do it yet. It isn't for a track section.