Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have tiny snowflakes in the air!

We have frozen rain on outside objects.

We will be in the low teens tonight.

When did I move to the arctic?


fullfreezer said...

I'll trade you! We have a blizzard warning and are expecting about a foot of snow tonight. Oh well, it makes for good sledding!
Stay warm.

Auntie said...

Ha! Hahahaha. Heeheeheehee, snort. HaHa
Email your Mother!
But do stay warm and safe. You guys aren't set up for ice and snow down there!

Mom said...

You thought you were moving far enough south to escape the cold winter, didn't you! Now your weather sounds like ours. Do you have a safe place to sled? And a sled or a dishpan? Have fun!

Auntie said...

What happened overnight, and what is today like?

Mom said...

Texas made our noon news for being so unusually cold!

The author said...

It got super cold. I left the door to the garage open so the pipes wouldn't freeze. When we left to run errands at 10:30 it was 17 degrees.

The author said...

Oh, and I should say the since we have single pane windows must windows had ice on the inside.

Judy, I'd rather have the snow!