Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gearing up for growing season

Erin at Garden Now-Think Later and Judy at My Freezer is Full have been posting their 2011 planting lists. I have decided to join in the fun because if it's posted on here, I have it for life, I hope. Phil keeps telling me to put everything in the computer, but I like to make my gardening lists by hand. Call me weird. Yesterday I made a list of all the seeds I have in my hoard (over 90 varieties). Matthew saw me handling the seeds and got so excited. I had to promise that when he got up from his nap that we would plant more trial seeds, because he wouldn't leave me alone! The boy loves to plant seeds! Yes! I've done something right. The photo above is all the seeds we've planted in their temporary pots.

Here is my 2011 list. P for planting and M for maybe planting. Some of it hinges on whether the seeds will still sprout from my hoard, whether Phil will be around or not, and how much room I have for pots.


Butterbean~ edamame~ hoard~ M
Empress~ green bean~ hoard~ P
Royalty Purple Pod~ green bean~ hoard~ P


Tonda di Parigi~ Baker Creek~ P


Rosa Bianca~ hoard~ M
Ping Tung (of the semi famous eggplant cake recipe)~ Baker Creek~ P


Red Wonder Wild~ strawberry~ Baker Creek~ P
Yellow Wonder Wild~ strawberry~ Baker Creek~ P
Mignonette Alpine~ strawberry~ Renee's Seeds~ P
Alexandria Alpine~ strawberry~ hoard~ P
Pink Banana~ banana~ Baker Creek~ P


Collards~ Baker Creek~ P
PanPacific Greens Stirfry Mix~ Asian greens~ Renee's Seeds~ P


Broad Leaf Sage~ hoard~ P
Genovese Basil~ hoard~ P
Sweet Basil~ saved/hoard~ P
Cinnamon Basil~ Baker Creek~ P
Garlic Chives~ hoard~ P
Chives~ already planted/growing


Amish Red Deer Togue~ hoard~ P
Forellenschluss~ hoard~ P
Farmer's Market Blend~ Renee's Seeds~ P


Texas Early Grano 502~ hoard~ M
Bianca di Maggio~ hoard~ M
Tokyo Long White-Bunching~ hoard~ M
Yellow Borettana~ hoard~ M


Purple Jalapeno~ hoard~ M
Fish~ hoard~ M


Misato Rose hybrid~ hoard~ P
Rat Tail~ Baker Creek~ P


Baby Boo~ pumpkin~ hoard~ P
Jack Be Little~ pumpkin~ hoard~ P
Patissons Panache Blanc Et. Vert~ pattypan~ hoard~ P


Silvery Fir Tree~ hoard~ M
Tonadose de Conones~ Baker Creek~ P


Globe Amaranth~ saved/hoard~ M
Marigolds~ saved/hoard~ P

What are you doing in the garden this year?

And because Erin asked how we store our seeds, here are mine, in their normal disorderly mess in the worst possible conditions for improved germination.


Auntie said...

All of that will take a lot of pots! I'm even getting excited for you! MAYBE I will put in a couple of tomato plants. Do you have any Midwest favorites? Dear, dear Matthew! (Tell your mom I've emailed her 3x.)

Mom said...

Her emails are so slow, but I finally did get them, so you don't have to tell me. :)

That does sound like a lot of pots, but it also sounds so fun. What is that fish pepper? I know you planted peppers last year, but I didn't recall that they were named 'fish'! I hope that I plant something too (besides the pumpkins)! Spring will be wonderful!

The author said...

Auntie, I love yellow pear tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Some cherry tomatoes are good for pots and you could grow in your "grass" pot on the front porch with marigolds. I've heard that Brandywine tomatoes are divine, but me and Dad's failed to work with us last year, so I can't say from my own experience.

Mom, yes, but they failed to grow as well, but if Phil's around, we'll try again!

fullfreezer said...

Oh, my garden partner grew fish peppers a few years ago. They are pretty but HOT! And your list reminded me that I still have edamame seed left from my garden trial last year. I'm getting impatient to plant but it's still a bit too early for me. In a few weeks I can plant some parsley since that takes so long.
Happy gardening.

Erin said...

Nice list! Looks like you will be very busy, we know you have your "watering guy" standing by LOL! I can't wait until we can all post our Eggplant Cake results, hahaha!

~Holly~ said...

Your Bug is awfully adorable!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Since you posted a comment, you're welcome to some of the bee friendly flower seeds. Just come back and leave your email so I can contact you. I'll delete the comment so it won't be published.

Great grow list! I've started sowing seeds already and I'm so excited! Last year we had a pretty lousy growing season in the Pacific NW. I'm hoping for lots better this year! Thanks again for visiting!