Thursday, February 17, 2011

A whole lotta monkey business going on

For some reason, once he had those skates strapped on, I noticed how tall and grownup he really has gotten. It takes my breath away.


During a tiny skate break, he drank the yogurt milkshake and managed to spray himself!

For the first time since Monday, he is sitting with something other then balloons while he watches his allotted TV time.

Today he decided to use his arms and tiger blanket, to swing off of Phil's legs.

And down he goes.

The cars all lined up to race.

Then they started crashing and the house looked like a toy car factory had blown up. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Today went to the 3rd area library and discovered that although 2 of them are connected, they have very different story times. So we've been to 2 story times so far and are thinking about going for a 3rd tomorrow. Today we Matthew's 2nd Valentine's Day party, thanks to story time! And our candy bowl was still full of Halloween candy...


Auntie said...

You are so right! - he looks like an older and leaner little boy. Do kids ever really skate on those things? Clatter and clump?
He looks as if he has a happy life with you and Phil as he goes about his work of playing.
(Freeze the candy)

The author said...

He just clumps right now. I don't know if I ever really got to gliding, but I loved my skates. I sure hope he has a happy life. I try hard to make it special for him.