Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crossing fingers

I've entered a contest to win a hoodie pattern that I think rocks! Cross fingers for me and in the mean time, if you are interested in sewing go take a look at the talented Jessica's site Running With Scissors. She makes me want to be the fabulous sewer that my mom is.

Us? We are just trying to stay home. It's very cold here. Normally the very lowest low is in the teen's and it's our highs. EEEKKK! Our house has single pane windows so the glass ices over on the inside. Our water heater and washing machine is in the drafty garage, so I worry about frozen/broken pipes. This morning the power companies couldn't keep up with the demand for power due to increased heat usage, so they made rolling blackouts several times. It is interesting in Texas!


Kirsten said...

good luck! sounds exciting.

and stay warm - the wind is whistling through all the cracks in our house tonight, but it's not nearly as cold as it is down there. sounds like a snuggle-up-in-a-blanket-with-a-good-book-and-a-hot-drink kind of day!

will be thinking hopeful thoughts for your pipes...eek!

Anonymous said...

Do you mean to say that all those power outages you were experiencing were deliberate??? Wow! That's so not cool!

Mom said...

Ohhhh, that is a cute pattern! And I'm so excited that you are going to start sewing! We can have so much fun! If you don't win the pattern, I'll buy it for you!

Good luck with the pipes!

The author said...

Kirsten, yeah, I meant to stay warm, not home, but it's all the same I guess! Stay warm at your house too!

anonymous, well, yes, that's what the news said, as we understood it. They had to have time to get the backup generators going I guess.

Mom, I thought it was sooo cute that I was one of the ones who begging for a pattern or tutorial.

Auntie said...

Tres cool. Have you seen those knitted fish caps? Mouth goes over head. Plus eyes, fins, tail details. (Do fish have lips?)

Erin said...

That hoodie is really cute! Sewers unite! It will be nice to have someone else out there in blog land that is learning along with me, it will be fun if we can get the kids out of our hair for awhile, right LOL? I'll probably be doing mine at night after their bedtime :)

I hear you on the house thing - I love winter, but houses here aren't made or insulated for the cold we've had for the past 3 years.... brrrrrr..... it comes right through the floor from the crawlspace!

The author said...

Auntie, yes I think fish have lips of sorts and no I haven't seen those hats. Can you find a link or photo? They sound cute!

Erin, Love it! I used to sew with my mom's help when I was in grade school and now wish I still did. It's my goal to get going again this year. I have the machine (very basic), but now I need to do it!

Auntie said...

IF your machine has set for years it might not want to sew. Do not assume it is ruined! Call several repair places, describe symptoms. I tell you this from my own experience--the oil in mine sort of set in place after 10 yrs non-use. I had thought I had burned out the motor and would need a new one. I was pleased to hear it just needed an oil change. (Or something like!)

Auntie said...

Search for: knitty fish hats