Friday, February 25, 2011

Outdoor Hour Winter Challenge #2 Winter Tree, Part 2

As you remember in our Winter Tree challenge we cut both a plum and peach twig. A couple of days ago, we noticed buds swelling and starting to burst forth. Furthermore, we saw some that looked pinkish on the plum twig.

Isabelle, who has been insanely interested in any and all planting or vegetation assignments, had to check the twigs out herself.

Today, ta-da! We have blossoms! They smell so good, like honey, but they are very little. Matthew was excited to point out all the little leaves coming out and smell the blossoms. We plan to keep watching and see how big the leaves can get.


Auntie said...

It seems like a miracle that a bare twig can put out little sweet-smelling flowers and little leaves. Good for you two that you had willingness and patience to try.

Mom said...

What a delightful winter tree study! I think Isabelle looks so cute studying the buds with you!

Angela said...

I agree with Beth; will they be able to be planted back into the ground?

The author said...

Auntie, yes it does. It was fun more then anything, but willingness and patience sounds more noble. :)

Mom, Isabelle is something else! She sat in my pot of asian greens and lettuce that was growing an squashed some!

Angela, I don't know. I was wondering that myself. I know sometimes they will grow. You'd probably want to start with a branch though.