Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kite flying

I think the thing Matthew wanted the most for his birthday this year was a kite. At least that's what I heard about the most. And still hear about. *photo taken by my Mom

So a kite he got. Like the gardening gloves on my hands? The wind caught it and the string rope burned a finger. Glad the little guy hadn't been holding it! *photo taken by my Mom

And I allowed myself to be photographed looking pregnant. *photo taken by my Mom

Which I'm not. Over the last 3 years I keep seeming to lose weight or inches. So I have lots of clothes in my closet that aren't as fitted as they should be. A nice problem, but not when you can't buy a new wardrobe every year! *photo taken by my Mom

I just never seem to take the best pictures. Which is fine, it's all about kites today. Nor am I an expert kite flyer. I'm hoping for a real kite flying wind one of these days, because frankly we've had alot of problems keeping this baby up. *photo taken by my Mom

On Tuesdays The Inadvertent Farmer is doing a series called Summer's Simple Things. I'm not going to probably link up every Tuesday, but I happened to think this fit. If you have time, pop over and see what other families are doing to have simple summer fun.


Kirsten said...

Oh, I have "pregnant" pictures, too. I would love them if I were actually pregnant, but I hate them when I know it's not a baby making that bulge. ;)

Your kite flying looks like fun! Maybe you'll have to try a tail next time. We flew a kite last summer and couldn't keep it up until we taped a crepe paper streamer on to it to make a tail. Then it flew really well!

The author said...

Wow, I never would have thought of that Kirsten. We might have to work on that!

inadvertent farmer said...

I was going to suggest a tail also...makes the whole things so much easier!

My kids LOVE flying kites, thanks for the reminder. Now where in the garage did I put them???

Thanks for joining in the summer fun...Kim

Mom said...

The kite flying is delightful! It's all about having fun with your boy, even if your clothes don't fit! Heehee...
I could maybe take up some seams for you?

Cathryn said...

Well, I for one am honored to be in such good company. You look great for a mom out in the yard, playing with the kids and gardening! I have a wardrobe just like your and the same hairdo as well, and I've decided that is just the way I like it!

Now that is not to say that I don't "clean up well". (As my MIL once told me in front of all the guests at the table in a really ritzy restaurant---I try not to remember that)

I'm much to practical and enjoying my home life to worry about it much! I hope you don't either!

Anonymous said...

I think loose summer clothes are a good thig because they let some air in.

The author said...

The Inadvertent Farmer, glad I could give you an idea you had forgotten about!

Mom, thanks but my seams are beyond hope!

Cathryn, you are just too sweet! I haven't been to The Farrm for a few days, I'll have to come over.

Anonymous, air is good.

And Zippy Zippy, I swear there was a comment from you and it disappeared! If you come back try again.

Kirsten said...

Cathryn - haha, your story made me laugh. I dressed up for a murder mystery recently (I'll have to post pictures some time) and my friends couldn't believe it was me, they were so used to the jeans, ill-fitting t-shirts, and ponytail. :)