Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's been 3 years!

You went from being so little... so big in no time! Happy Birthday Bug! We love you!


Auntie said...

Matthew, Li'l Dude-- I am so glad to be around you, and all the rest of your family. love, Auntie

Angela said...

It does seem like yesterday that I was holding the "fresh" one in my arms. Happy Third Birthday Matthew!!! I'm glad I finally made it to a birthday party and I had a great time playing with cars, trains, and legos with you and getting to read the new book from Auntie to you!!! I love spending time with you and the family. Much love "Aunt" Angela

Mom said...

It was a perfect birthday! He loved every minute even though it was soooo hard to wait for present opening time!