Thursday, June 24, 2010

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 11

Because I wasn't thinking, I loaded my photos backwards, but no matter. The first 3 pictures are from a fabulous garden that Matthew and I went to on Tuesday.

It's called Powell Gardens and Matthew and I had a wonderful time exploring the property. We touched all the different fruits growing on the trees to see how different types of fruits look and feel different. We smelled herbs, we smelled flowers, dug something, we touched leaves, and...

played in water. If you want to hear the whole story, come back tomorrow and I'll show more photos and tell you all about it!

Again, why the wrong direction loaded photos? Do you remember the sad munched tomato from this kinderGARDEN post? It's really turned around this week. It might actually make something of it's self.

Tomatoes planted from seed have suddenly grown this week and are as big as the replacement plant I bought from the store.

This is the replacement tomato and it's flowering. I hope it's not still too little.

These were about 2" tall last week. This week, lots bigger!

That curved blurry strip in the middle is what I was trying to get the camera to focus on. We have very purple green beans growing.

Matthew still likes to water when it's time and he picked a pepper. I guess we'll just have to make some salsa, darn! I have planted cilantro and lettuce 3 times now and I think I might finally get a crop. I don't know what happened to our onions, they just disappeared overnight. I wonder if it's too late to try again. I'm thinking about planting more beans, but I still haven't made the time to do it.

Kirsten at Sippin' Lemonade wrote a post about getting her purple green beans. What a thrill! Her son is just the cutest. Go and read her article is here. Kim's post over The Inadvertent Farmer is here. She has pictures of baby pigeons this week. Her family has the most interesting adventures with animals!


inadvertent farmer said...

My beans are getting completely eaten by slugs...I've got purple bean envy! Kim

Mom said...

Your plants have really grown this week! And WOW, I think those purple green beans are gorgeous. I wonder how they will taste?

SomeGirl said...

Weird, our onions disappeared! I just noticed it today. Your garden looks great and the garden you visited looks neat, too!

The author said...

inadvertent farmer, if you want some email me your address!

Mom, I am hoping they taste as good as they look.

SomeGirl, I found a sprout coming up today that looked like it had been eaten to the ground. Maybe it's happening at your place too?

To anyone that cares, I killed 2 caterpillars last night and about 6 today!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

Conny said...

That's a really cool garden you visited. I hope to be back later to read the full story. Purple beans taste the same as green beans, don't they? I hear the flowers on the purple ones are pretty.

Cathryn said...

I'm glad you are seeing progress! OUr beans are finally a couple inches tall. The weekend is ahead, that means more work in the garden! yeah!

The author said...

Conny, yes, they should taste the same, but some varieties taste better then others.

Cathryn, I bet in no time your beans will be big enough to start producing.