Thursday, June 10, 2010

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 9

Well, I had my blog all ready to go this morning, but Kim hadn't got her blog up yet, so I decided to wait until after I got home from all my errands. Big errand day. Anyway, after reading her's I realized that it wasn't just a suggested "let your kid take pictures," but sortof the assignment for the week. Thank goodness I was brave Monday and let Matthew take pictures, but I had been planning to let that be the blog for Friday. So I've totally revised and here we go. We will start off with the best of Matthew's photo's. Remember he is 3 on Sunday, so I think he did a pretty good job. I didn't make him explain them. I'm not sure if he could. But I will tell you he watched me take pictures of the garden this morning, and he went in, got his camera, and took a picture of every single pot in our garden. They weren't very good because he just shoots with little aiming, but that's what he was doing. Monkey see, monkey do. Ok, here's Matthew's shoot from Monday.

Matthew must have found the marigolds important, because I think he took a picture of every single bloom. This was the least blurry of them.

Our pepper plant that looks like a weed.

The tomato in the pot, the pot knocked over and the pot back upright. There was many multiple shots of this pot at these 3 different stages.

For not quite 3, I think he did an amazing job! I took charge of my beloved camera again, when he was trying to force the shutter window open, while it was turned off. Enough was enough.

Monday I launched war. War you say? Why? Where? Well, I have had, for the first time in my life, major problems with caterpillars. I've never had a problem before so I'm mystified about whether they were in the soil I bought (they are very tiny ones, not big) or since I didn't see them before we got here, is it this location? Whatever the case, they are here and they are eating everything to stubs. All 3 of my Martino's Roma tomatoes, a caterpillar ate down to stems. Here is a picture of the Cream Sausage that nearly suffered the same fate.

Looks pretty sad uh? My onions sprouts disappeared over night, but they are slowly returning. I finally broke down and said enough is enough.

Enter the new plants. Enough with seed, I need results now!

I got a new tomato plant, Fresh Garden Salsa, to replace the munched Martino's Romas. It's just too late to try from seed again. I bought marigolds, since the internet said they may help repel the caterpillars. I bought basil for the same reason and it smells so good! My peppers have steadfastly refused to sprout, so I bought a Garden Salsa pepper. It has been the most challenging year I've ever had gardening. Some stuff sprouted and died. Others haven't sprouted. Others I swear aren't even growing. Just for fun I also bought a lavendar plant, but it's roots looked like they were dying once I got it out of the pot, so cross fingers it doesn't bite it too.

And this is how my True Black Brandywine looks this morning with it's added helpers. Isn't the variegated basil beautiful? I haven't seen a single caterpillar since Monday. Is it working or is it a fluke? I don't know, but I'm grateful for the break anyway.

While examining the garden this morning, I really looked at the pepper, which happens to be in bloom. It really has beautiful little white and blue blooms when you stop to look at them. I hope they are getting visited by pollinators. I never had to worry at our old house because it was full of wild honey bees, bumblebees, wood bees and many other things. Pollen got moved.

The more I looked at the pepper plant, I finally realized that it had a pepper, quite possibly ready to be picked and another 2 growing. I thought I'd picked a plant that hadn't set fruit yet. That shows you how observant I'm not.

Of all the seed we planted the beans are far and beyond out performing all the others. Matthew told me he wanted green beans yesterday for lunch. I told him that I would open a can and he said, "NO, I want PURPLE green beans Mom." The sweet sound of success. My son wants our very own purple green beans. Me too kid, me too. They haven't bloomed yet, but I'm hoping that's purple flowers getting ready to bloom.

And to wrap this long post up, Cathryn, who visits and leaves sweet messages, wanted to see the whole catalpa tree. Since I can't figure out which is her blog, or if she has one, I decided to just post it here in hopes she catches it this week! Here is the little one in the side yard.

And here is the big one in the back. They can get very big and elegant. Hope you enjoy the pictures Cathryn!


inadvertent farmer said...

Oh you are such a good mama! I didn't let Baby Boy touch the camera...he didn't even know his sister had it or there would have been war! He did an amazing job an not quite even three...good job buddy!

I'm so sorry about your pest problem, I hope it is now solved.

And in are soooo far ahead of me. With all our rain things are just barely surviving and certainly not blooming...sigh. Kim

Mom said...

I thought Matthew did an excellent job for his age! Your garden is so delightful! I hope it thrives from here on out!!!

faith buss said...

I've been battling something eating my little sunflowers leaves. I've planted and replanted....but I think I'm winning now. :)

Looking good!

Cathryn said...

Oh you are so sweet yourself. I feel like a rock star now- being so singled out on your blog!!

The catalpa's are so beautiful! Thanks.

My blog is

I usually join the kindergarden link party. You can "meet" me there.

Oh - and I really liked the photo of the grass growing in the crack in the cement!! Such a great shot!

Auntie said...

I second most of what has been said already. However The catalpa blossoms looked a lot like orchids to me. I'd never looked at one up close like that.

Angela said...

I agree with everybody else- Matthew did a GREAT job with taking photos. I just want to remind people that I'm willing to look at your "pest" problems so if you can show me a picture of the plant and/or the bug I should be able to help you out.

Erin said...

I see you are a sucker for the "Pesto Perpetuo" Basil... me too! I have had for for 3 years now, and I wish they would remove the patent and get that thing to flower so we could seed our own! They get expensive buying the whole plant, but I am addicted, they are so beautiful! The kid pics turned out great, good job! I can't believe my kids are STILL in school, they have one more week left, but as soon as they get home today I am sending them each out separately with the camera!

The author said...

Kim, I have one kid, so I had to be brave with the camera. Besides, I suspect that your's has even more bells and whistles then mine.

Mom, I hope it thrives too!

Faith buss, glad you are finally winning the battle!

Cathryn, thanks for reminding who you are and you are a rock star I'm sure!

Auntie, you know Grandmom had one by her house for years and I never looked close enough to see how neat they were. I just saw white blooms. I almost think I "see" more through the camera.

Angela, I'll try to photograph first and squish second from now on.

Erin, I've never seen that type of basil before, but I'm hooked now!

fullfreezer said...

What great photos! And a pepper! I've got a tiny one and the others are blooming- it's so hard to wait. I hope you've got your pest problem solved. I had trouble this year with something eating all my little basil seedlings and leaving everything else intact. Go figure!

Erin said...

I just finally got a minute to back and leaf through your blog beyond the past few entries, and WOW! I had no idea your move was so recent! Good job mama, for giving the little one all the birthday party madness and having his little container garden make the move so efficiently! We military wives sure know how to run a tight ship, don't we? (ok, insert laughter here) - I do however, think the guys did a good job of finding good partners to rule the roost while they are deployed! good luck getting settled

The author said...

fullfreezer, I'm glad you've enjoyed the photos.

erin, thank you! The move went pretty well, but I still have unpacking to do.