Thursday, June 17, 2010

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 10

As with many of you across the country, we've been getting alot of rain lately. I don't remember the last time Matthew and I had to water. I feel like my tomato plants aren't growing at all, but I know they are. We at least have the heat to go with the rain, unlike alot of you. I am getting a little tired of showing the poor plants slowly grow, so I'll only show you one of the Iran pumpkin plants. Both are looking good and actually growing, though slowly too. (Maybe I'm impatient.)

The beans have been blooming this week. I think the blooms are beautiful. I've been thinking about planting another pot.

I can't stand when blogger loads my pictures wrong. Sigh. Anyway, one of the best gardening things that happened this week is that Matthew REALLY IS excited about the garden. For his party Saturday, one of my very best friends drove 100 miles with her little boy to come play. Alex and Matthew have so much fun. Before Alex could leave Matthew had to show him the "plants."

And Matthew had Alex sniff each and every pot! And Alex did! It was so cute!

The other thing that really tickled my heart was that Kirsten over at Sippin' Lemonade (or maybe it's Thanks for the Lemonade) mentioned that she was jealous of my purple green beans since all she had was plain green ones. I offered to share the wealth with her and she agreed to let me! It really tickled me pink and made my week! So thanks for the fun Kirsten! Matthew and I mailed them off Wed. You should get them by next week I'd think. As for my coworkers that I gave the beans to also, I haven't gotten any updates lately. Maybe I'll see for next week how it's going for them.

I hope the rest of you are having as many fun moments as Matthew and I are. Thanks for inspiring us to overcome the hurdle of moving, in the middle of planting season, Kim. It's really blessing us. As usual, if you'd like to read The Inadvertent Farmer's post, here is week 10. If you love great children's books, you better get over there soon and leave a comment in order to try and win one!


Kirsten said...

Oh, oh, I'm so excited! Thanks for showing pictures - I love the purple blooms, I hope we get to see our own. I told my son about the purple green beans, he thought it was funny that there were green beans that weren't green! Thanks so much! :)

P.S. I guess my "official" name is "Thanks for the Lemonade" but all of the URLS for that were taken (by blogs that are no longer active...grrr), so I had to use the "Sippin" one. I'll answer to either, though. :)

P.P.S. So sorry to hear about the spam comments! Kind of takes some of the fun out of it... :(

faith buss said...

I just know all of you who've had lots of rain will have flourishing gardens when mine is all burnt up from the oklahoma HEAT that's rapidly approaching. :)

I love that you shared beans!

Cathryn said...

I really loved the opening photo to your blog with all the cattle in the background, but I can see why you changed it to the new one, SO SWEET! Pics that catch happy emotion are the best!

I can hardly wait to see blooms on my plants too!
so wonderful to see your son "Teaching" what he knows to another! That indicates true learning!

The author said...

Kirsten, I'm glad that you are just as excited as I am! Spam isn't fun, but maybe if it doesn't happen again for awhile I can drop the moderating for awhile.

Faith Buss, now that I know how close we are and how much better your garden looks, I can honestly say it depresses me more. Lol! You probably planted sooner then I did. And not in pots!

The author said...

Cathryn, I loved that picture too! And I meant to keep it up year round, but I decided it was looking too cold for the season, so I changed. It might come around again come fall, if anyone is still reading then! It's so fun when you realize that your kid really gets it and passes it on.

inadvertent farmer said...

You are so beans keep rotting in the ground. I have to replant yet again this weekend, ugh!

What a wonderful post this week...Kim

Erin said...

Sharing seeds is one of my favorite parts of blogging! I was able to share several new and funky varieties this year and receive some in return, will be fun to see how they do in different parts of the country! Photos of the kids in the garden are so cute!

The author said...

the inadvertent farmer, thanks for the high praise and sorry to hear that your beans are having such problems.

erin, sharing seeds is so much fun, I'm glad that I have the opportunity to do it! (and allow you to share with me!) :)

Grace said...

Your purple blossoms are beautiful! You can never have too much purple. :)

Excited to hear about the pride your son has in sharing his plants!