Monday, June 14, 2010

This family parties

We attended 3 parties in 2 days. 2 were for Matthew, 1 for Angela getting accepted into the PhD program. These are pictures from Matthew's actual birthday.

Auntie came and brought a truck full of goodies. The go cart...

...the military jeep and a small bike that is still a little too tall for him. Plus wrapped gifts.

I made Matthew a homemade white cake with cocoa fudge frosting. Yum!

Blowing out the candles.

Auntie, you made this gift too hard to open!

The joy of being spoiled with too many new toys. This kid just raked in the goodies this year!

We went to see Great MaMaw and she even had a gift for him. Don't peek!

It's a big truck!!!

Hmmm, what can I stuff in here??? Thank you to everyone who attended the parties, gave gifts, drove a long ways to attend, and risked being flooded out of your home just to celebrate Matthew's 3rd birthday with him. It was a fabulous time!


Auntie said...

I think we ALL agree about the fabulosity of the day!!

Erin said...

Matthew is turning into a party animal already! That cake looks yummy!

Mom said...

The cake WAS yummy, and the day was so much fun. What fun to celebrate such a beloved little boy's birthday together!

Angela said...

It was a great day and lots of fun!!!