Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The scoop and Matthew and I

With all the packing and then moving, gardening and latest a holiday, we have neglected to talk about how we are and what else we've been up to. I mentioned awhile back that I had my Vit D levels drawn again. A few days later a nurse called and told me I needed to come in so the dr could talk to me. I went last Tuesday. My levels had gone up from a 27 to a 30, which is the very lowest number on the scale. They want me to shoot for 40's or 50's so they have upped my doseage. I think that I feel less tired and I thought how I felt before was pretty good. No one knows why I have such low levels. I wonder if I'll have to take Vit. D for life. I go back in July to have the levels drawn again and they'll check my thyroid. 2 days later I went to the eye doctor. My stigmatism in one eye has gotten slightly worse, which means that if I want really clear vision I have to wear a weighted contact. Way to make you feel old and defective. On top of that she thinks my tear ducts are so itchy because I have eye allergies. I had red bumps all over I guess. So I have a allergy drop to put in every night now. On top of that, I have slight dry eye, which means a second drop for life. When did I get so old?

Matthew has been settling in well to our new house. He says, "I'm having an owie" when he has a wound. He loves being able to walk to stores and parks so easily. While on a walk across the river, we saw some people fishing. Now he really wants to go fishing. It's music to my ears. I hope we get to go soon. Yesterday Matthew and I went to the library and signed up for the summer reading program. We brought several books home that we've enjoyed alot. Right now he is watching the "blue" Toy Story, while he waits to go help MaMaw arrange her stuff in her new classroom. I guess that's about all. I'll leave you a picture of what we got to do Monday with Poppa.


Auntie said...

I think riding the tractor is an important and formative childhood experience. Esp with one's Poppa!

Mom said...

This Mammaw appreciated all the help this morning! I'm glad you got to ride the tractor!

Erin said...

Finally had a few minutes of peace and wanted to come visit your blog! I love, love, love this tractor pic!