Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Make a Splash

Today was the first day of the summer reading program. I was nervous that Matthew would misbehave. My worries were for not. He sat next to one of his daycare friends and did just what he was supposed to.

Today was beach fun. Here he is playing musical beach ball.

Before this they sang a song and read the book Bats at the Beach, which we have. Then they colored a beach picture. I didn't think to take pictures till the time was almost up. Silly me!

He's out, but not a bit upset. We got some new books at the library and have started on our quest to fill up the sticker chart by reading 16 hours over the next 36 days. We've already read 35 mins towards that goal. I bet we can do it!


Mom said...

I know you can do it! And yea for Matthew doing what he should! He's a good kid.

Auntie said...

What SHE said!

Angela said...

LOL- I love this family :)

I'm glad Matthew gets to participate in a summer reading program- I remember begging to go to the library to get more books so I could get the reward :)

I miss them now that I'm an "adult"

The author said...

Yeah, we're awesome. :)