Thursday, July 1, 2010

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 12

I just love Thursday! I wait all week to see what is happening in everyone's gardens. I check my computer 20 times starting at 10 am to see if The Inadvertent Farmer has posted yet. (Last week was a real nail biter.) I think all week about what I might want to talk about. Ah Thursdays...they always felt like a tease before, almost the weekend, but not quite yet. But now they are the gardening mecca of the week.

The Inadvertent Farmer's post for week 12. This is a cool post on how to make recycled pots for plants.

To start our weekly post off I'd like to show a couple photos from The Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. Our family doesn't get there often, but it has alot to do. We always have a great time. It was my garden paradise, until I went to Powell Gardens. But that's just from an adult viewpoint. I think from Matthew's, the Farmstead is better.

I love how they use old farm equipment in the flower beds.

We did alot of stuff, but one thing we allows have to do is pet...

...and feed the goats.

Matthew has been wanting to fish all summer, so we paid $3 to rent a cane pole and a bucket with 6 worms. We didn't catch a thing. The sun perch stole all the worms right off the hook. The nerve.

No day was complete without riding pedal tractors either.

Back at the ranch, I mean town house, Matthew and I came up with our own little recycling project this week. We took a cooler to the park, for Matthew's birthday, and it has been needing to be dumped. Let's not talk about how long I procrastinated the project. Anyway, yesterday I decided to drag it out to the back steps to dump it. Then it came to me. My husband complained it was the most expensive bag of ice he'd ever bought ($4.50) so why not use it to water plants? So we did.

And at the end, he watered the steps. I'm sure they needed it. While writing this post Matthew announced it was time to water. He donned his boots and he watered, while I inspected the plants for caterpillars. I didn't find any, but I did find where 2 of our 4 purple green beans had huge holes up and down them that the ants were playing in. Nature's whistles. Then I picked one that didn't have holes, so Matthew and I will cook our one purple bean for lunch and share. While inspecting the plant I noticed it'd thrown another 2 beans that were, are you ready for this? GREEN!


inadvertent farmer said...

LOVE old farm equipment...what a great way to display it!

Lol...he watered the steps, mine do things like that too! You have a lovely front porch.

Glad you enjoyed you little bean together, Kim

Mom said...

I can see why you all like the D. Rose Gardens!

How did the purple bean taste? What is up with the green ones? Do you think they will turn purple later? Maybe you'd better plant lots more--quickly!

Erin said...

I love that you used the cooler water! My hubby always does that but last time he dumped it on my plants it was still icy cold so I had to yell at him LOL

Cathryn said...

Your description of looking forward to Thursday was so cute! "Gardening mecca of the week" LOL!

Looks like Matthew got a new haircut! So cute, I have always cut my boys hair and that style was a favorite when they were that age.

Thanks for sharing your week!