Friday, July 9, 2010

Swim Lessons Summer '10

This week was swim lessons. The first day we cried huge alligator tears for 2/3's of the time. (It also happened to be raining so we were all soaked and discouraged.) We changed to a different class that one of his friends was in. It went better. Here he is being an alligator. The boy in front is the son of a girl I went to high school with.

Yesterday he actually agreed to get in line and go under the hoop. When they took him to the 4ft pool and tried to put him in a life jacket he told them, "No thank you, I already have one." and then hid behind his friend's Mom.

He even alligatored through the hoop. He steady fastly refused to let the teachers help him float. He tried to show them he could do it himself though.

He got 3 checks out of 13. That might be 1 better then last year. He did not get a check for fully submerging his face, but considering he doggy paddled for awhile with his face underwater, I think he should have! There is always next year.


Erin said...

Good for you! My kids started in January, and much to my surprise, the older one who hated water before loves it so much now! They have been twice a week ever since winter and the older thinks he wants to join the kids swim team at the Y! It is awesome that you are getting out there and showing them how fun it can be!

Mom said...

Even if he didn't get very many points, he has made a lot of progress this week and I'm proud of him! Good for both of you for sticking it out!