Monday, July 5, 2010

Tomato Trouble

My Dad is having tomato trouble. He stopped raising tomatoes for so long because they seemed to be plagued by some sort of wilt. As I've stated before this year he decided to try once again. And they are going yellow and curled in some spots. Does anyone know what it is? Erin, I know you have a wonderful helper, Granny Pea? that helps you. Would either of you know? If you think you know, leave a comment!


Erin said...

I hope Granny can help - they are a little blurry but from what I can see it is popping up in blotches? if so, it's probably more than a watering or drainage issue. Did it start from the top down, down up, or all over in general? Those are some symptoms to start your search.

The author said...

It's on top, (sorry it's the best my camera wanted to take) and not going down. He is very careful to water only the stems because we were told tomatoes don't like wet leaves. There is good drainage in their garden plot and he waters I think every other day. They are that bright yellow green and sortof curl. My rose bush that is next to the fence sortof seems to be doing the same thing and it doesn't get watered.