Sunday, August 21, 2011

What will $5 get you?

One manly stove. And I kept the perfect dishes and food to go with it.

And just for giggles...



Kirsten said...

I'm serious - he got so big! Can't get over it how he looks like a boy now instead of a "little boy."

The kitchen looks like fun - he'll have a great time cooking up some culinary masterpieces to share with you. Maybe he'll even cook up some of his tomatoes? ;)

Hope Matthew's first week of school goes well and your life gets a little less exciting soon! :)

Anonymous said...

He/she who can cook need not hire a housekeeper!

Angela said...

Nice $5 oven :) I'm looking forward to some Matthew and Mommy cookies soon! So was he demonstrating what Scamp does in the "dog wallow" or just quickly removing earth?