Wednesday, August 3, 2011

San Antonio trip days 3 & 4

Friday, Phil took the day off, so we slept in. Then we got up and took Matthew to his first ever movie in the movie theater. We hoped to see Cars 2, but Matthew picked Winnie the Pooh. It was cute and short. After that we went home, ate, and relaxed. Then we took off to go bowling and have supper at the bowling alley.

*photo by Mom

It was the first time Mom had bowled in 36 years. Matthew looked so cute in his bowling shoes I wanted to take them home. He was so excited! He has obviously gotten that from his dad and Grandma Bev.

Then we went shopping for groceries for Phil and scored a kick board for Matthew. So of course we had to go swimming again.

Saturday was another slow start. Then we got into 2 movies on tv. After we tore ourselves away, we headed back downtown. Some of the architecture was just awesome.

We drove right by the Tower of the Americas, but we decided that it's restraurant was too expensive and Phil didn't want to go to the top just for the view, so we didn't go see it.

My Dad highly recommended going to see The Alamo, so we headed to find it. Turns out we drove by it the first night and didn't realize it.

These were the barracks. *photos by Mom

Mom and Matthew in front. They consider it a shrine, so we aren't allowed to take photos inside.

Here we are on the street side. *photo by Mom

After looking at The Alamo, we went looking around at stores and buildings in the area. I found a clothing store that had all it's clothes 50% off and got a couple things. I would have liked to get a ring too, but Phil wasn't springing for it. After that we cruised the Ripley's strip trying to figure out what we wanted to pay big bucks to see. We finally decided on the Ripley's Believe it or Not!, but Matthew was scared so he had to be carried in. He still calls it the weird museum. Today he called it the fake museum. Hmmmm....

While in Ripley's Believe It or Not! there was a couple spots for kids to play. Here is Matthew on the largest tire in the world. *photo by Mom

And here he is in a weird tunnel that I refused to go through. Good thing Phil was there! *photo by Mom

After that, we were tired and hungry, so we went and found the Brazil steakhouse Phil wanted to try, but it ended up being $42 a plate per person, so off we went to the Riverwalk again. This time, we decided to eat at a Tex-Mex restraurant, on it's balcony.

I was staring at the Tower of the Americas.

To my right was Coyote Ugly. We'd fallen in love with their huge flags.

To my left was the river and stores up and down. It's amazing maze of levels and buildings down there. A few minutes after our food came, a small storm fueled by the tropical depression at the coast, came through and we had to go in. We were supposed to take Mom to the beach, but weren't able to because of the storm.

Here is Phil and I going over one of the many bridges the first day. *photo by Mom

Somehow we got free tickets to the wax museum, so after we ate, we went through. I finally got to meet Sarah Jessica Parker. I don't think they did her justice. She looks a little scary. *photo by Phil

Then we walked back to the car and went home to, you guessed it, swim! Matthew would have been fine living in the pool, I think. And that is the whole trip in a nutshell!


Mom said...

It was a wonderful time. Thank you Phil, Anne, and Matthew for sharing your fun vacation!

Auntie said...

Wow, you all got a lot done in a short time, but it doesn't sound like you were totally exhausted. Thanks for the great photos and texts. Did the sundress show up in any photos?

The author said...

Yes, it's the black and white one in the photo with Phil and Matthew and I walking towards the hospital.

Auntie said...


Angela said...

Well it looks like you all had fun and now I want to take a trip to visit with you so I can check some of these sites out for myself!!! BTW- Altair treated me to a Brazilian steakhouse in Indianapolis; lunch is less expensive but it is worth it. There is a huge salad bar and tons of different types of meat which they load your plate up with (it's all you can eat)!!!