Monday, August 1, 2011

kinderGARDEN Thursday: week 13

WARNING! The following photos aren't for the faint of heart gardeners.

I'd also like to announce that we are late again, because we just got back from TX. I was going blog from down there, but I left the camera AT HOME!

This photo isn't bad, just some noodle beans that haven't been munched curling. The scary part is that all the green beans are gone and half of the noodle bean vines have been munched through at the ground and then left alone. If you are going to kill the plant, at least eat it!!!

This was the one bright spot, finally a baby female zucchini, but something went wrong with it while we were gone. Hopefully it's just the start, not the lone female blossom, like last year's pumpkin experiment.

It's so dry and so hot (most days over 100 which is extremely hot for here) that I am working overtime to try and keep everything going. Being gone only increased the problem, although Dad did keep most of the garden watered. Thanks Dad!

Isn't this sad? Only green grass is around the garden. Even the garden looks half dead.

Bright spot when we arrived home, Matthew's sunflowers are blooming!

Matthew was so thrilled he dragged Mamaw out to see.

My favorite spot in the garden, Matthew's space, looks pathetic. Last week it was full of blooms and clover and masses of carrots.

The last horror of the week, Matthew's tomato pushed it's self over, even with cage. But it has so tomatoes and they are starting to turn red. Hopefully the flavor is good.

I found a hornworm on one of the volunteer tomatoes and was very happy to find parasitic wasp larvae on it. I moved it and let nature do it's thing. The rabbits have not been stopped by the repellant I resorted to. For that matter, neither were the shrews that are digging up and eating our daffodil and grape hyacinth bulbs. I'm sooo discouraged about it all, that I'm seriously considering just not going out anymore and giving up. It's time to plant fall/winter crops, but with all the rabbit problems I say, why bother? But I bet tomorrow I'll be up watering anyway and planning where to place stuff. Here's hoping everyone else is having a more full-filling gardening week.


Mom said...

The heat, drought, and garden pests are really discouraging this year, but I'm hoping things will improve soon. And at least the sunflowers are doing great! So hang in there!

Nancy said...

Our garden is like yours, very green and kind of weird. I keep looking to see if our peppers are going to even grow. I keep rooting for a weed as its the best thing growing this week.

We tired twice to plant sunflowers and can't figure out how to make them work. Yours look beautiful.

Mama Bean said...

What a frustrating week you've had! :( That sucks. I will send good rain vibes your way... thank goodness for the brightness of the sunflowers. Don't lose hope!

Kirsten said...

oh, my dear, i am so so sorry! wish i could wave my magic wand and wish you some rain! glad you have such happy sunflowers in the midst of it all!

Jess said...

Oh, how frustrating. With dry hot weather like that sometimes there is nothing you can do... except dream of next year's garden.

Auntie said...

Considering what you have been up against, seems to me it is doing remarkably well. Pls tell Matthew I have admired his sunflowers on the computer, and think they are grand!

The author said...

Mom, me too. I'll try ;)

Nancy, we do have some peppers growing. Matthew is mighty proud of the sunflowers. I've always thought sunflowers were easy, but this year was more of a challenge to get them big enough to live.

Mama Bean, I sure hope the rain comes!

Kirsten, thank you :)

Jess, I know, sigh, but I could taste the green beans...oh well, there is always next year.

Auntie, thank you. I told Matthew what you said and he grinned and said, "I know!"

Erin said...

Bring on the photos, you know I can relate! Don't despair, everyone has been having a bad time in their gardens this year with the intense heat, disease and insects. Good thing for sunflowers, yay!

Melissa said...

It is so sad to see a lovely garden one week and a sad one the next. Mine is having the same type of problems. Even in the greenhouse that gets watered every day has wilting and browning plants due to the high heat.

The author said...

Erin, thanks for reminding me that I'm not alone. Disheartening but in great company!

Melissa, I'm surprised that even greenhouse plants are suffering, you have my complete sympathy.