Saturday, August 20, 2011

First 2 days of school

2 days of school down! The 1st 2 days of ASP went fine. Thursday Matthew and I started our day by visiting his new preschool. He wasn't too sure he wanted to be in a building separate from my school, until he saw his new playground. As I was parking in the parking lot, he was exclaiming, "This is a GREAT SCHOOL!" Nothing soothes the mom guilt like an excited kid! We stayed for 1 1/2 hours and he loved every minute. The boy is ready to fly. Even better, 4 of his friends from our school daycare (which is now closed) will be in his preschool class. He can't wait to start on Monday.

Thursday he stayed in Mom's classroom, katty corner across the hall from where I work in ASP. He brought some toys in his new school backpack.

Friday was supposed to be Mom and Matthew Fun Day, since it would be the last day we'd be home with each other all the time. The end of a chapter, if you will. Instead, we took Dad, at 8:30 am to his dr. appt to get the last staples out, and didn't leave till 2 pm. My Dad had developed a sharp pain in his right side, which prompted x-rays, which promoted more discussion, which promoted a CT scan, which led to more discussion, which led to more chest x-rays. Because they discovered that he had fluid build up around the rt. lung, which was starting to collapse it, they had to drain him. After that he was supposed to be released, but they decided he had had a blood clot end up in the lung, so now the poor man in stuck in the hospital for 5 days, on bed rest, while blood thinners get to work.

Since my ASP boss works in radiology, during the day, she knew that we'd been up at the hospital all day and insisted that Matthew stay, instead of going back to the hospital with Mom. Matthew was so good and had an awesome time. It was interesting because in the other ASP, it was the girls that felt the need to mother Matthew. Here, it was the older boys. Here he is playing soccer with them.


Anonymous said...

So the last day together passed without fanfare--other than what your poor dad provided. Wonderful that the boys keep an eye out for him, instead of making his life miserable. Thank you for your updates and photos.

Auntie said...

Hey! I am AUNTIE, not Anonymous!

Angela said...

I'm sorry that your dad keeps having troubles; I keep praying that he keeps getting better and it sounds like the issues are improving but continuing (if that makes sense).